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About Sara DawnThank you for visiting Gaia Dreaming. I love to create all things beautiful. It started for me in early childhood as soon as I could pick up a crayon. Drawing, painting, pottery, jewelry making, knitting, sewing and crochet are just a few of my artistic adventures.

All of my designs are unique original works of love. No two pieces are exactly the same. Everything I create is ceremoniously made with a ritual of prayer, sacred sage-smudging, and love. I am a Reiki practitioner, Breathworker, and AMT practitioner, so I infuse fun-loving, deep blessings into all that I create.

Why so many feathers?

Roaming the forests and riverbanks of the Calapooia river was one of my favorite childhood past times. The many hawks, eagles, owls and herons I met on my woodland journeys inspired me and carried my imagination to new heights. Since time immemorial, birds have been revered as sacred, mystical  beings, making a radical appearance in all cultures and traditions.

Throughout the ages human kind has adorned themselves with FEATHERS, in worship, ceremony, magic and play; as symbols of purity, fertility, warmth and rites of passage… worn by warriors, chiefs, princesses and children, for protection and to transcend earthy planes and enter higher realities. This is the magical world of feathers, a world that fortunately, we can still access today.

To purchase or view all of my projects, please Enter my Store here.

Enjoy the beauty, and walk in bliss,
Sara Dawn